Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last Tuesday night Caleb had the lesson and he read a story about an Eagle. It was all about how a crafty trapper baits an eagle and little by little tricks him into his net. Caleb kind of wondered how well it would work because the children usually run out of patience just listening to a story but he showed them the pictures as he went along and they listened reasonably well.

We were again reminded of how troubled some of these homes on the reservation are. Tim Troyer works as an emergency medical technician for stone lake and responded early one morning for a stabbing on the reservation. It turned out that there was multiple stabbings one being fatal. One of the little girls missed class to attend the funeral.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hi Welcome to North woods Beach Children's club blog spot. The Reason for this blog is to get the word out about NBCC. I hope this blog can inspire you to pray for us and maybe even start a children's club in your community.

NBCC started about five years ago and has since then turned into what it is today. We have learned allot over the years and made changes accordingly. However the vision to shine a light into the Indians reservation has changed very little over the years.

We do club every other Tuesday night. Our basic schedule is to pray for about twenty minutes and then got out into the res. to pick up children this takes about 45 minutes. Doing a children's Bible club can be a challenge with the native culture. Finding children is easy finding children that want to come to a Bible class is hard. When we go to pick up children it is way easier getting them to come after you have a few children in the car with you because they are all related or know each other and when they see their friend in the car they often want to come too. It helps a lot to know the culture.
When we get back with the children we sing some songs. Children enjoy singing and they always like to hold up the song poster. We have learned to keep them busy and letting them hold the poster is one way of doing that.

After that we have a Bible class. Caleb is teaching in the picture, notice that the Bible story book is closed in front of him... you usually have to teach spontaneously without reading and basically just telling the story as energetically as you can to keep their attention. Object lessons work great also. And then a Craft. Craft is fairly easy because the children are busy doing something with their hands its also a great relationship building time.

And then a we play some games till its time to take them home again. Games is also fairly easy the main thing is to keep them all interested and involved in the game. Native children take great pleasure in disappearing which is kinda funny until they are all running around and not wanting to join in the game we have planned.

After games we take them home and drop them off. These children have very unstable home lives I don't think any of them come from a home were there parents live in the same house. This can be confusing when it comes time to pick them up and drop them off because they often live with a aunt or grandma or step Dad or step Mom.

Please keep us in your prayers. Lance